Sunday, 2 December 2012

Warming up for winter

Really liked the warm up for this class, particularly for cold, damp December days when you need to build up some heat.   As you can imagine, after performing the warm up in 30 plus degrees I was already hot and kind of tired!

Bird of Paradise was a new pose for me.  Very tough balance and hamstring stretch but I loved how the instructor taught it, explaining that the alignment is basically a reverse Parsvakonasana with a bind then you begin to straighten the bent leg.  All while balancing on the other one : )

Warm up:

·       Started with spine stretches from sitting - all spinal movements: chest forward and back, side extension right and left, twists.  Repeated 20 times
·       Spinal stretches from standing eg helicoptering arms, side to side, fold and slight back bend
·       Vinyasa stepping in and out of low lunges, x 4/6
·       Surya Namaskar A x 2/4
·       Surya Namaskar B x 2/4

SSurya namaskars with variations: each repeated twice on each side
·                                              - High lunge. Knees on ground
-       crescent lunge
-       vira 1
-       vira II, reverse vira II (goddess), side angle pose (parsvakonasana)
-       vira 1, trikonasana, Ardha chandrasana, vira II
-       vira 1, parsvottanasana
-       vira II, lunge with twist, reverse Ardha chandrasana, vira 11
-       forward bend in half lotus
-       parskvakonasana with bind, straighten front leg, step forward and move to bird of paradise - keep foot flexed, forward bend, plus holding big toe / hands under feet


Seated poses

Cool down and savasana