Monday, 14 January 2013

Workshops for a new year

For my first post of 2013 it seems appropriate to mention two workshops I attended in the last few weeks.  The themes of the workshops were new beginnings and detoxing respectively.  Two lovely themes for this time of year with interconnecting ideas of letting go, cleansing and making way for new possibilities.  Some lovely ‘opening’ exercises in both which I’m going to try out on my class tomorrow:

Supine shoulder and chest opener:
  • Lie on a block positioned and the base of the shoulder blades.  The height of the block will depend on flexibility.  Position under block at the nape of the neck.   Lie with armed outstretched.
  • Extend arms up on an inhale and lower behind head until parallel with ears.  Repeat several times.
  • Repeat exercise again with hands clasping elbows.

 Shoulder opener:
  1. Stand against wall with right arms perpendicular to body at shoulder height against the wall.   Turn to the left using wall as a resistance to get a deep stretch in the shoulder. Repeat left hand side
  2. In pairs, lift up and draw back partner’s right shoulder blade.  Place shoulder under shoulder blade and draw back with hand.  Partner takes a few steps to left.

Kundalini-style breathing exercises:
  1. A powerful opening for hamstrings: squat with big toes together and fingertips on floor to the outside of knees. Inhale.  On an exhale, breathing out through the mouth like a sigh, straighten legs keeping fingertips on the grounds.  Inhale squat down.  Repeat 10 or 20 times moving with the breath.
  2. Tadasana. Inhale extend arms above head exhale through mouth as you fold sweeping the arms behind with palms facing upward.  Repeat 20 times moving with the breath.