Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The end of one leg and the beginning of another

The last week in this particular leg of my yoga journey.  I’m approaching the final module with a mixture of excitement, relief and nerves – there are exams to pass after all!  Chatting with three fellow trainees after after Tony’s 7pm class, I think we are all experiencing mixed emotions.  A helpful alumnus of the training course offered us some tips and reassurance.  Now I am mostly happy to be spending the upcoming weekend with a lovely group of people with whom I have shared an extraordinary seven months, practising, living and talking yoga.  After five weeks of leave from work, I am also craving the structure and routine.

And then there is Bali … Flights are booked, accommodation sorted and airport transfers arranged.  I’m departing just 8 days after the module finishes.  Again, I feel oddly relaxed about the whole adventure.  I have no idea what I’m getting myself into, but it just feels right.  Asia, sunshine and a more yoga lifestyle has been calling for some time.  After months of emotional strain: an unsettling (but fortunately groundless) health scare, a minor car accident, losing my home, enforced time off work and, worst of all, losing my closest, dearest friend an ashram seems the perfect place to heal and think about how I can repair and rebuild. 

The aforementioned enforced time off work has given me a lot more time to study yoga.  Although yoga is already a significant part of my life, I still have a lot to learn about how to integrate yoga principles into how I approach and live my life.  I am dedicating this time in Bali to learning balance and rediscovering joy.     

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A new class and plane tickets

Brilliant level 2 class with Michael started this morning in the Yoga Room at 9.45am.  
  • ·       Started with several repetitions of SNA and SNB. 
  • ·       Vira II to Parsvakanasana to Vira II (right and left), then Vira II to Trikonasana to Ardha Chandrasana, clasping raised foot (right and left)
  • ·       Padmottanasana
  • ·       Variation on Utthita Hasta Padagusthasana
  • ·       Balance with one leg engaged and crossed at a right angle above standing knee, leaning forward to place hands on floor, tuck food and shin into armpits and attempt to raise standing leg.  Can’t seem to find a name for this pose
  • ·       Squat to Bakasana and squat to Parsva Bakasana

  • ·       Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose) to Camatkarasana (Wild Thing)
  • Sivasana!
Oh, and the best start to the day: my tickets to Bali arrived in the post!

Finally discovering the sutras

With the final module coming up fast I’ve been spending more time on reading and writing up essays on the kleshas and gunas and on the first two yamas.  Now that I have the time to devote proper attention to the sutras, I’m finding them fascinating.  As revision time is getting tight, I’m focussing my attention on the exam but I feel I will continue studying yoga. 

My next move should facilitate further study, as today I booked a stay in an ashram in Bali.  Leaving 8 November. Can NOT wait!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Changes, future plans and Sam

Moved apartment and got a new puppy recently so I'm afraid the blog has been sadly neglected.  However, I have been busy cramming for my final yoga module, securing a studio for my first course of classes, organising a trip to an ashram in Bali (of more anon) and, of course, wrestling my yoga mat from mischievous young men named Sam.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Sthira and Sukha

Monday, 1 October

October already and just 30 days until this leg of my yoga training is complete.  Organised to see a space on Wednesday for my first proper classes.

This evening's class was on the theme of giving a receiving - bringing the whole beautiful notion of sthira and sukha to your practice.   In deference to the theme, I didn't force myself into a greater sense of ease but remained conscious of softening in the postures.

I can't imagine feeling inspired to dedicate a practice to a particular theme, much less competent enough to guide people into that theme.  Again not the day to worry about it, but given that I do need to start working on my final coursework essays I am going to start thinking about it.

On honour

Friday, 28 September

Michael's 6pm class.

Occasionally, the theme of the class seems to have been directed at me.  Tonight's  class is on accepting and honouring the aspects of yourself that frustrate or annoy you.  To recognise that not only is it ok to be annoyed but it is ok to annoyed at yourself for your reaction.  Hearing Michael - the single most peaceful, zen person I've ever met - describe getting pissed off at himself for getting a parking ticket, and then getting more pissed off that he had got so worked up about it was singularly grounding.  We cannot control how we feel about events any more than we can control the events themselves, but we can learn to accept our reactions and not berate ourselves for them.  Easier to type than to practise but something that I have to learn.