Thursday, 1 November 2012

The last module

Yesterday was the last day of the last module of my teacher training.   A beautiful end to an extraordinary experience, I could never have imagined as I started this course that it would bring such wonderful people into my life and that a group of people who spent a mere 200 hours together would become so important to each other.  I guess it must have been all the time spent doing manual adjustments on each other, standing on each other's backs and practicing 'basketball bum'!

I can't help thinking back to my first attempts at teaching and all the friends who bravely allowed me to use them as my guinea pigs.  Notably, testing out my first teaching assignment on an unfortunate friend ("ok, you can practice on me but can I leave the West Wing on?"  "No!!").  Even when I've been frustrated at using up my annual leave to do this course, especially at 7am on a bank holiday Monday, I've enjoyed every minute of teaching and practicing with friends, and all the cups of tea, baked goods and gossip that accompanied it.

I've promised to keep in touch with everyone so my next post will be from Ashram Gandhi in Candidasa, Bali.  I'll make sure to post photos of terrifying bugs and me washing floors so you don't think I'm having too good a time : D

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  1. Dear Sharon, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet you ! I'm looking forward to seeing you again, take care of yourself because we/I care for you. I hope you'll enjoy every bit of your balinese experience, sending you love. AS