Friday, 31 August 2012

Week 23

Monday 27 August

Very challenging class with long complicated sequences, but fantastic! I didn't feel terribly well balanced today (possibly something to do with the bruises on my ankles from dancing in a new pair of stilettos at the weekend????). However, I think I'm finally learning to work with whatever my limits on a given day may be and to focus on good alignment rather than achieving the full pose.

A few notes from the class:

  • Warm up
  • SNA variation s with lunges and vira I
  • Vira I to Vira II to reverse vira II to parvakonasana back to vira II into trikonasana to Ardha Chandrasana to trik to Vira II. Vinyasa to left hand side.
  • Standing splits to utthita Hasta Padagusthasana to narajasana, release to standing splits. Vinyasa to left hand side.
  • Vinyasa to plank to side plank. Draw right foot to half lotus and return to plank, chaturanga, Urhdu MUkha Svanasana to AMS - with right foot remaining in half lotus! Come to left knee, opening right hip and breathe. Walk back to balance on ball of left foot. Breathe. Uncurl to Vrkasana. Release!

Wednesday, 29 August

Two for class today.  They had both been a good few times so I decided I'd push them just a little with a lot of Surya Namaskar variations, introducing Vira III (which they achieved admirably).  Both were capable of doing back bends, though maybe not a full Ardhva Dhanurasana so we tried a little wildcat sequence - one part for fun and one part to give them the sensation of a long back bend.

Finished off with another viewing of the exquisite Equinox videos - one of these days.....

Also starting to make a post-qualification plan.  I've identified a perfect city centre location and got a good response from my network of friends and family.  Just have to focus on passing the exam now!

Thursday, 30 August

Half hour practice at home where I challenged myself to repeat all of the harder sequences of Monday's class.  I find I don't hold the poses for as long when I'm alone but I do find it easier to keep my balance in an empty, silent room!

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