Monday, 1 October 2012

On honour

Friday, 28 September

Michael's 6pm class.

Occasionally, the theme of the class seems to have been directed at me.  Tonight's  class is on accepting and honouring the aspects of yourself that frustrate or annoy you.  To recognise that not only is it ok to be annoyed but it is ok to annoyed at yourself for your reaction.  Hearing Michael - the single most peaceful, zen person I've ever met - describe getting pissed off at himself for getting a parking ticket, and then getting more pissed off that he had got so worked up about it was singularly grounding.  We cannot control how we feel about events any more than we can control the events themselves, but we can learn to accept our reactions and not berate ourselves for them.  Easier to type than to practise but something that I have to learn.


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