Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Week 13:

Monday, 11 June: Endless wait for the bus so arrived late and flustered.  Not a great practice in terms of mindfulness as was more occupied by the hassles arriving and the many, many pulled muscles in my legs and upper arms courtesy of a vigorous dressage lesson on Sunday.  Aching a lot, think I might need to take tomorrow as a rest day. 

Wednesday, 13 June: Full house today for yoga in Bloomfield. 6 of whom 2 were first-timers and very bulky (slightly rowdy) rugby players.  Did a warm up on all fours. Followed by some modified surya namaskars and surya namaskars with lunges.  I had planned the class to target core and upper body for my long term students so we did dolphin, and leg lifts (which stopped the giggling).  As my rugby players have very tight hamstrings and hips I left out the more challenging hip openers I'd planned and did a seated sequence and some twists, finishing off with happy baby for giggles.

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 June: Anatomy and physiology weekend.

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