Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Monday, 2 July Very very tired. Worked til 7 so didn't make my regular class. Forced myself on to my mat at home. Once I'd done a few surya namaskars I felt settled and practised for about 30 mins, based around the ashtanga primary series. Would happily have stayed in Sivasana forever, but eventually peeled myself off the mat for fear of falling asleep.  Another busy week ahead.

Tuesday, 3 July: 7pm class with Tony.  Very intense practice and left achingly tired.  Some interesting sequences:

·         Start in Ardha Mukha Svasana  to squat – repeated

·         Ardha Mukha Svasana to a low lunge with a bind, then a supported side plank with top foot placed on the floor in front of the lower leg.

·         Tadasana - Dancer Pose (Natarajasana) – then a variation holding back foot with both hands – extended raised leg to front and held.

·         Paschimottanasana

·         From supine prepared for half lotus. (padmasana)

·         Half Padmasana from sitting while reaching for opposite foot

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