Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Monday 25 June: Shattered after working all weekend and family stuff on Sunday night. And hay fever.  My great intention of going to the 7:45 class were defeated by the need to take my sneezy self to bed and sort out bank card-less boyfriend.

Tuesday, 26 June 7pm class with tony.  Things to remember: started lying down stretching  legs up I the air and curling one at a time into chest

·         Rolled in cross legged circles which made everyone giggle.

·         Practised hopping from cross legged to plank as a prelude to shoulder stands.

·         Little bunny hops to go into shoulder stand.

·         Few minutes free practice at the end in which I practised the side crow. Very very nearly there. Problem was placing my hands too far away from my hips.

Thursday, 28 June Exhausted after working in cork on Wednesday and flat out trying to catch up in Dublin today. Was doing a radio show at 8:30, so had a bare 20 minutes and zero energy for yoga. Worked through ciara's gentle Hatha sequence, with padagustasana (holding leg perpendicular from body? Is this the correct name?) from lying down using a strap so I could get a good stretch on my long suffering hamstrings. Sivasana was heaven. Had to peel myself off the mat before long for fear of falling asleep.

Away for the weekend so unlikely to get in any practice, but will try to compensate by getting the yoga anatomy book and turning my attention back to Donna farhi.

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