Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wednesday, 20 June Ashtanga with Joe. Really enjoy the ashtanga primary series. Decide to take the time to write it out (in Sanskrit, thereby realising how many of the names off-hand I don't remember / can't spell!).  Going to try a modified sequence with my students.

·         Surya namaskar A x 5
·         Surya namaskar b x4
·         Tad asana
·         Utthita trikonasana (r&l)
·         Parvitta trikonasana (r&l)
·         Utthits parvakonasana
·         Parvritta parvakonasana
·         Prasarita padottasna x 3
·         Parsvottanasana
·         Utthita hasta padagustasana
·         Arena baddha padottasana (standing fwd bend in lotus)
·         Virabhadrasana I
·         Virabhadrasana II
·         Vinyasa
·         Dandasana
·         Paschimottanasana (fwd bend)
·         Puvottanasana (upside down plank)
·         Setu bandha sarvangasana (bridge)
·         Urdhva dhanurasana (wheel)
·         Sarvangasana
·         Halasana
·         Paschimottasasirsane
·         Sirsasana ( hdstand)
·         Balasana
·         Svisaana

Thursday, 21 June:

Just RH and I this eve. I want to get a practice in too so we go through the primary series with some modifications and adjustments.  Rory is very pleased and enjoyed the more demanding practice. He's particularly pleased that he now finds down dog very comfortable (may have to stop teasing him about his 12 year old girl arms :p).

Friday, 22 June  6pm class in yoga room. I love the way Michael guides you into the poses.  Things to note: started in adho mukha svasana,

Sunday, 24 june Worked most of the weekend but fitted in a short and not particularly creative practice with a lot of surya namaskars.

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