Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Week 9: 14 May

Monday, 14 may

6:15 yoga with Brian. Always feel like the whole room is working together during this class.

Wednesday, 16 may

Gave my friend R. a one hour beginners’ class.  Introduced some modified surya namaskars with lunges and hip openers.  All the boys have really hunched and tight shoulders.  Need to look for exercises to loosen them.

Thursday, 17 may

6:15 ashtanga in Samadhi. First headstand on my own! Never been to one of jess's classes. Really good way to teach utthita hasty padgustasana by doing it first lying on the floor then using a wall for balance and a strap.

Sunday, 20 May

 45 mins self-practice using a sequence Tony did with us.  Started with 5 Surya Namaskars a & b to build up some heat and wake me up after a busy weekend.  After several attempts – and a short rest – finished with a headstand.  Again need to be more conscious of the value of incorporating rests!

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