Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Week 4

·         Tuesday 30 mins self practice. Try to bring attention to my practice

·         Wednesday read chapt 5&6 of the heart of yoga. Intrigued by the section on pranayama and recognise some of the effects of excessive apana in myself. Holding an inhale or exhale has always been a problem for me. Another symptom of my lack of easiness of which I a trying to be mindful.

·         Astanga yoga class run by a friend of a friend in Lj.  Not particularly challenging but as the instructor is newly qualified it offered a good opportunity to pick up some dos and donts.   Notes:

-          trikanasana introduced v early on in the practice ESP given evidently mixed ability of class.

-          no modifications offered even though one student was worki g with an injury (bandaged hand from a deep wound with a bread knife)

-          good preparatory breathing exercises if a little tedious.

·         Thursday: Pilates class to mix things up. Reminds me how tight my hamstrings are these days, note to self to look up strengthening exercises for quads and hamstrings when I get back to Dublin.

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